Digital is a jigsaw puzzle that uses textures to create accessibility for the blind community. 

Its Story

With an orientation towards the differently abled community, I wanted to create a game project that is not only accessible but also mindful of our different abilities. Therefore, I chose to create a jigsaw puzzle that would use textures rather than images as the key sensibility required to solving it, prioritizing the tacit knowledge by members of the blind community. 

This project was completed as a final Capstone for my Bachelors of Arts and Technology from The University of Texas at Dallas. The three copies of Digital took 4 months to complete, starting in August 2020 and ending at the beginning of December 2020. Throughout development, I received feedback from my friends, family members, and my teacher Hong-An Wu. Their input helped me journey through my creative process when trying new versions of the puzzle.

The Finished Box
Inside of the Lid
A Playtest
The Unfinished Pieces
Finishing The Box
Transferring The Image
Using The Jigsaw

Key Information:

  • This game is meant for entertainment purposes.

  • The recommended age of play is 10+.

  • The puzzle pieces and box are made of a high quality birch plywood.

  • Various crafting items were used to texture the puzzle including: beads, glitter, burlap, aluminum foil, tape, yarn, textured papers, and various glues.

A woman on the left is blindfolded while playing the puzzle. She has multiple pieces of the puzzle, along with the box and lid sitting on the table in front of her. Her hands are placed far apart, feeling the pieces. In the background is a cream colored wall. The puzzle sits on an orange tiled table.

The Making of Digital

Royalty Free Music From Bensound

What's in The Box?

Each Box Includes:

  • A bag containing the 63 puzzle pieces

  • A border for the puzzle pieces

  • A blindfold

  • A link to the instruction video

A grey bag is opened in the foreground. Spilling out from the entrance of the bag are piece of the puzzle, and the remaining pieces can be seen inside of the bag. The bag is placed inside of a large, wooden box.